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Rebecca Williams / Rebecca Grace Photography

‘The coaching I received from Tony has been invaluable and exactly what I needed to get my business kickstarted. I liked his prompting questions they really made me think about what was important for me to get started and where I was heading towards, creating 30 day goals that were easily manageable. He helped me to gain clarity and tune into what my business was about.

I would recommend Tony to others seeking a friendly, informative coach who’s approach to coaching puts you at ease and makes you feel like you are heading in the right direction.’

Mat Ombler / Freelance Copywriter & Journalist

‘Tony's business coaching has been hugely beneficial for me. He's incredibly well-read, which means he can quickly tailor his advice according to the sector you're working on, providing real-life examples of businesses that have struggled with or overcome similar challenges to my own.

Ultimately, he provided a clear roadmap and structured way of how to overcome the challenges I'm facing to succeed and get my priorities in line. I'd highly recommend him.’

John Headshot

John Seddon / Photographer & Filmmaker

‘Tony's advice helped us to secure a new client with a project value of more than 10x our previous norm. He's an honest, down-to-earth guy with a wealth of knowledge, tips and tricks to help you see and approach things in new and better ways.

Even just a coffee and a chat is a great investment!’

Sarah Grace Dye / Curator at Sheffield Artists Book Fair

‘I had a two hour session with Tony that was very helpful to straighten out my busy brain. He carefully guided me through a process of focusing in on what was important right now and helped me to craft a plan moving forward. His questions were expertly chosen to enable me to put words and actions to my thoughts.’

Alastair Flindall / Freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer

‘Procrastination and lack of focus can often slow me down and tony helped me to realise that I knew the answers to solve my problems. As a result I have a more positive outlook for how I can push through my personal barriers to success.

His openness to exploring you as a whole person allowed me to discuss abs work through my goals and what was holding me back. I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders as I now understand how to move forwards.’

Lily Marsh / Stonemason, Carver & Sculptor

‘Originally I think I had an assumption that coaching was purely about lifestyle coaching or relationships and hadn’t associated it with my work or practice.

Tony’s coaching offered a really practical way of thinking through work related obstacles I was experiencing. I’m self employed and often work alone, so it was also refreshing to talk to someone about creative practice.

I specifically liked that it was a no pressure environment. I felt Tony had a wide range of materials and references he could refer to when explaining concepts and new ways of thinking. This was helpful to reframe how I approached my practice.’

Jo Breese

Jo Breese / Commercial Illustrator & Lecturer / Vector That Fox

‘I spent a few hours strategising with Tony, and found it super helpful in terms of what I should be prioritising, and rewiring my thinking on how I should be approaching the business side of things. A good laugh and a great help.’

Rich Hall illustration

Rich Hall / Freelance Apparel Designer / RH Design

‘Tony's advise really helped to refocus my attention to areas of my business that needed addressing. He introduced me to a number of professionals from his network, which really helped to implement these changes. He's friendly, driven, and knowledgable.’

Sam Benham / Graphic Designer & Creative

‘Tony helped me to see things from a different perspective and after speaking to him, I now have a better understanding of my direction. He’s helped me to focus and had some good pointers.’

Neil Carribine / Freelance Illustrator at Lamptissue

‘Tony helped me to break down my business and figure out areas I need to focus on to help improve cash flow and finding new clients Xoxo’


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