Looking to level up your business?

Here’s a range of helpful resources I’ve put together for people like you. Each one exists to help you take your business to new heights. Help yourself!

I help independent Consultants win more valuable projects worth £50k+.

It’s achievable through strategic branding that speaks to your audience. I believe experts are more than commodities, and with a strong brand you can make that clear.

Clients I’ve worked with:

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Do these sound familar?

• Do you stand out amongst the thousands of others in your field? Or do you have to sink loads of cash and time into advertising to get noticed? Imagine being the obvious choice.

• Struggle to explain what you do? How would you feel about gaining clarity and finding your focus… And knowing where you can make a difference.

• Are you confident when you pitch for work? Or do you cringe when handing people your marketing materials?

I hear you, I’ve been there too.
That's why I offer these:

The question mark

Strategy Sessions:

Why do you do what you do? Uncover a wealth of insights in a tailored process, designed to bring out the best in your business.

The Brand Refresh

Brand Refresh:

Does your current branding represent your business, and quality of work? If not, the Refresh can change that, so you stand out from the competition.

Consulting Services

Brand Consulting:

Prefer to make your own changes in business and life? Through consulting we can identify and solve your problems, one by one, at a pace that fits in with your schedule.

*Think we might be a good fit? Feel free to:

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Do you see the bigger picture?

The framework inside this eBook will show you how to get a bird’s eye view of your business. From there you’ll more easily see the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing. I use this exercise myself with clients—both to help them see the bigger picture and work out if they’re on track.

You can learn more or grab one here.

Struggle to learn from business books?

I’ll give you the lowdown from a selection of my favourites and share the best bits I learnt from each. If you don’t have the time to invest in reading each book, then this course is a great plan B. If you do have time, it’ll be a great introduction and reference to the lessons within.

You can check out the course here.

Looking to learn about branding?

Why not check out the Building Business Brands podcast? Each week I have a friendly chat with a expert about branding, to broaden your knowledge and my own.

You can visit the website right here.

Rather learn through reading?

Branding is a tricky subject, and most of the consultants I speak to are interested in learning more. That’s the very reason I write to people like yourself—to make the concept easier to understand. I’d like to invite you to learn along with me via email, as I simplify the topic for both of us.

Every week, I’ll send you something to help you improve your business. The five main areas that I’ll cover are branding, reputation, storytelling, differentiation, and purpose. Care to join me? Just pop in your details below.

*Don’t worry—I’ll never share your email. I’m anti-spam too.

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