Just by Lisbon’s coast, on a busy, touristy street (Augusta Street) is a little shop called TYPOGRAPHIA. It caught my eye while walking past, and I made a note of it for later on the strength of the design theme alone.

Three days later, on the day we were due to leave we had a look around a few of the shops, TYPOGRAPHIA being one of them. On walking in, the shop struck me as being minimal. Really minimal – a dozen shirts on display to the left, a glass showcase dead centre and a discount rail to the right. It was clear, right then, that the shop sold nothing but t-shirts.

Pushing that focus further, these shirts all shared a design theme, with a focus on Saul Bass, Keith Haring and the like. Yet despite this doubling-down on niches, the shop was popular enough to draw in tourists and locals while keeping itself running for nine years, branching out to create additional shops in Madrid and Barcelona. Very cool.

Today’s Takeaway: It might seem counter-productive at first, but finding a niche can serve you well.