On a recent trip abroad we were lucky enough to have a couple of friends out there willing to give us a tour of the city and see lots of the best bits. Walking through the city I was impressed with the shops the city had to offer, and the fantastic design loads of them used to hook you in. Something interesting I noticed about the design that is there, is that it also highlights the design that isn’t there.

We found ourselves walking into, (and a minute later out of), a café because we fancied something a bit posher. Ironically this café had the food we were looking for, but the pixellated and laminated menu didn’t sell it to us.

Speaking to my friend about the topic I was surprised to hear his design friend earns roughly 3x his wages working in the city. Considering no one goes into the design industry for the money, I think that goes to show the locals are increasingly seeing the value in it!

Today’s Takeaway: Strong design can make your brand look better, and lack of it could do the opposite.