During a previous strategy session, an education-based client (let’s call her Jess) surprised me when she started to cry. Ah, very funny, but no – it wasn’t that bad. To set the scene: We’d been looking at Jess’s brand attributes, in an effort to work out what her story was and why it was special.

The answer for which lied in her long history of helping people. Those customers walked away from Jess feeling fulfilled and purposeful, many of them seeing massive value in what she provides. The evidence for this was not only in their kind words but the fact they would often return to her, asking for further help – one of whom had been a client for just short of 20 years!

Realising this and reflecting on all the people Jess had helped over the years really hit home, which was a touching moment for both of us.

Today’s Takeaway: Reflection is powerful. While it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day, try to put aside some time now and again to reflect. Chances are you’ve done great things.

No reading suggestions this time, but consider checking out all things Mindfulness. I’m not a partaker myself, but I can see how it’d be useful to help us reflect on life.