As a designer, I had the wrong approach.

Clients would ask me for something, be it a logo, a flyer, website or otherwise – and I’d say ok, and get to work on it. Sound normal? Bear with me, it’s worth digging a little deeper.

When clients asked me for a deliverable, it would be for a reason. Sometimes they would need to raise awareness, other times raise product sales and so on. The trouble with this was that person didn’t necessarily know how to best reach their end goal. It wasn’t their fault, because the method wasn’t always obvious.

To borrow a comparison from Douglas Davies’ book CS&BD – it’s like starting a game of chess and skipping straight to the checkmate. One of my roles as a Brand Strategist is to help people define their goals, then realise the best course of action to reach them.

Today’s takeaway: When there isn’t a rush, try to make the most of the process – it could result in a better outcome.