One recent Friday I sat down with my client Jo and we ran through an exercise. This specific process is designed to prioritise business opportunities and options. Every now and then one of those options would catch my eye, and I either made a note of it for later or took the time at that moment to expand on the subject.

By chipping in more than I had to I was doing my best to add extra value where possible and make suggestions that would potentially be helpful to an illustrator like Jo. I had so many in the end that we ran over by 45 minutes! In this case, we were both happy to keep going – Jo was keen to hear more info and I found myself eager to help with suggestions and tips.

The above might seem unsustainable, and I’ve been asked recently why I’m giving all my knowledge away so freely. To answer this properly I want to suggest you check out a chap I follow called Tom Ross (CEO of Designcuts & runs 2x design/entrepreneurial podcasts). He’s a big advocate of providing value, even at unsustainable levels – and a big believer that it’ll pay off in the long run.

I believe in Tom’s approach. We’ll see if it works, but for now, I’m going to try it out for myself and see if it pans out for me too. I’ve just bought a little stand for my iPhone, and from this week onwards the plan is to provide value through informative video content on Instagram. Possibly LinkedIn too once I’ve got to grips with the former.

It’s going to be difficult talking into a camera, but my mission (maximum value) has greater priority than my sheepishness. So bugger it, let’s do this. If all goes to plan, you can check out my informative clips on Instagram from next week.

Today’s Takeaway: Provide people with as much value as is possible and many of those people will be grateful enough to repay you in the long run. A little goes a long way.